The Expectation


You know that unspoken bar that somehow was ingrained in you, somewhere along the line!?! Life is hard enough and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live up to anyone's expectations other than my own!

I’ll give you an example, S E X. Whoever came up with how often couples should engage in sexual intercourse to maintain a “healthy” relationship can take a hike.

I’m not a porn star. I never have been & I’m not embarrassed by that in the least. Let me put it this way. Sex is somewhere down on my priority list between dusting the baseboards and washing the windows. It happens, but definitely not multiple times a week.

My point is, because of some unspoken expectation I more often than not, feel like I’m failing in the wife department and I don’t appreciate the guilt trip!

So, let’s raise a glass and our middle fingers to every unnecessary expectation that somehow, somewhere, was ingrained in us and continue breaking the mold!