The Pinterest Perfect Pipe Dream?

Our home is a complete remodel. My husband would argue he's salvaged 9' of copper piping but I'm more of a straight shooter...


Allow me to catch you up,


We went from 3 acres and an almost new home to a total fixer upper. Why!?! Well, I obviously wasn't in my right mind at the time. You see, I love home projects. I'm always on the go checking items off one of the basqullion lists I have. Well, 4 years ago I had no children. Sure I was working a full time job but that left lots of time for checking things off those lists I just mentioned. These tiny humans are time suckers. (I love my children, I love my children, I love my children.) I also had never attempted a project of this magnitude. I was clueless to say the least. This house was a 4,500 square foot nightmare that I had torn apart and gutted before I woke up. News flash. Building material is expensive, especially when you need butt loads of it. So, here I sit. In remodel hell, four years and two kids later. 

We purchased this house for a few reasons. One being it was on a larger piece of property. We went from roughly 3 acres to 10. The land had also been cleared and me being a sun worshiper, was 100% on board with getting my bronze on! It also had a nice barn on a slab complete with 4 stalls, tack room, wash down and a hay loft. It was everything we would ever need, but the biggest and most important reason we chose this particular piece of property was for the mother-in-law suite. (After my father passed away we made plans with my Mama that after retirement she would move in and help raise our littles. The plan at the time was for me to continue working.) From the outside the house looks like a mansion, but it's actually two separate dwelling units. So, back to me ripping and tearing...the plan was to gut the "main house" and live in the "apartment" while we remodeled the main house. Then we would move into the main house and remodel the apartment. Only me being me, I damn near gutted the entire apartment too. Whoops!


So, where are we now?


The third floor of the main house is mostly finished. This area is a bonus room and we finished an attic space into a playroom for the boys. This level of the house also has another 1,000 square feet of unfinished space above the apartment. I hope to add a bedroom and bath up there one day. (So, at this rate...that means never.) We're still waiting for the wet bar to be installed, which will happen along with the kitchen cabinets, there's more decorating to do and we need to finish the railing on the stairs.

The second floor of the main house is half finished. This floor is where all of our bedrooms are and thank god, because another thing about this house is that the heat pump hasn't worked since we moved in! That third floor is a life saver in the heat of the summer. We purchased a hard wood engineered floor for this level of the house, aside from the bathrooms. This level of the house also connects to the apartment. The same flooring will run throughout. An engineered floor was not my first choice, but to change our sub-flooring was going to cost another arm and a leg. So, we decided to float it. Andy and I were able to move into our master suite and the remaining two bedrooms (It should have been three, but we joined one of them into the master suite making our bathroom and walk-in pretty glam.) are for the boys. I actually have the boys sharing a room, because once we can "move out" of the apartment to finish that renovation my Mom will stay in that available bedroom.

The apartment is a sub-flooring, no molding, holes in the walls, half covered in Killz, hot mess and that's where we spend the majority of our days. We are using this kitchen. So naturally, that's where we tend to congregate. On the plus side, having these monsters run around in an unfinished house doesn't have this OCD Mama losing her mind quite as often. 

The first floor is the main houses kitchen, half bath, pantry and living & dining room. This was an enormous project by every definition of the word. We have demoed, framed, plumbed, re-wired, insulated, sheet-rocked, textured, painted, tiled, grouted, trimmed and yes, it's still not done. Next up, the kitchen. We also have to re-do the gas line because my husband didn't like where the tank was outside. Add it to the list.

That still leaves the garage, laundry room, decks, siding, windows, landscaping and not to mention the enormous shop my husband talks about building every other day. It's been a wild ride so far, but there is a light at the end of this tunnel, right!?!

Now that I've caught ya'll up, let's get this show on the road and finish this remodel because this Mama would like to attempt to bring some more pink into this Pinterest perfect palace! 



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