Postpartum & How I Got My Body Back After Babies


First off, can we just ALL agree that there's a REASON god made us women able to reproduce at 15!?! 

I mean, mentally we're NOT ready (Honestly I was barely ready at 29) but I'm positive this body would have bounced back a WHOLE lot quicker 10 years ago! It's been downhill since 25 up-in-here If I'm keeping it 100 and you know I always do!

I gave birth for the first time a month before I turned 30 years old. Y'all already know how that went down (If you don't, be sure to read My First Rodeo In The Delivery Room, From Belly To Baby) and that road to recovery was a LONG one!

Now, I want to get a few things out of the way. Yes, I am a skinny bitch. Does being "skinny" come natural to me!?! NO, and if you want to convince yourself that's the case, you're doing yourself and me a disservice. You're discrediting the work I've put in and you're making excuses in order to justify your current situation. I too, love inhaling ALL. THE. FOOD. and put forth effort to stay at a weight that I feel comfortable and confident in.

That's what its about Mama's, being comfortable in your own skin!!! 

I don't care if you're rockin' that fluffy mom bod, sporting massive muscles in true #fitmom form or ditching that spare tire and set of love handles for jeans you wore in high school.


BE YOU, DO YOU, FOR YOU, remember!?!


I have a very narrow comfort zone and that's not for everyone, but do me a favor and if you don't judge me, I won't judge you. We're here to lift each other up. There's going to be some tough love along the way, but we're in this together and my intentions are gold!

I gained 45 pounds my first pregnancy. I wasn't one of those girls that "ate for two" but the weight still managed to pack on. Every girl, EVER knows how easy it is to gain weight and how hard it is to loose it. It took me an entire year to loose that weight. Those last 15 pounds were brutal. I ate healthy, balanced meals, monitored my calorie intake and made sure I was active. We all know how to loose weight. I don't care what "plan" you're using, the bottom line is calories in vs. calories out.

I gained 35 pounds my second pregnancy. I gave birth to Otto 1 month before I turned 32. I was SO afraid of re-living my weight-loss journey a second time I upped my physical activity while I was pregnant. Having two kids, two years apart, was (and still is) a handful! Otto was also a very different baby. I was experiencing sleep deprivation on a whole new level. I had a spare tire around my mid section that I was CONVINCED was sagging skin, because I'm the girl that get's massive love handles, but my mom ever so gently let me down. "No, that's fat." Excellent, JUST what I wanted to hear. 

You know that girlfriend that has it ALL together!?! Well, I straight up asked that bitch what she was doing. I did it once my way and I've never been one to be close minded. CLEARLY there was a better way. She spilled and I jumped. 3 months postpartum and I was back in the game! Goodbye spare tire, hello pre-pregnancy jeans! My energy was also back on-point. HALLELUJAH, because Otto continued to sleep in my room for the next year. (I finally had to grow a pair and sent him his eviction notice.)

Small steps, add up to big changes. Stop making excuses, get out there and find something that works for you!!! If it's not what you're Mom's doing then move on. If it's too time consuming, come up with a new plan. If it's too expensive, get some perspective and prioritize yourself. Investing in you, is investing in your entire family.

I don't care what your answer is or what your personal end result looks like. Do whatever it takes to get your confidence back. Confidence is sexy, and this is about getting your sexy back!!!

I remember what it was like. It weighed me down physically and emotionally. For the first time in my life I hated my body. I felt uncomfortable and focusing on how unhappy I was with myself, consumed me. I was proud of what my body had accomplished of course, but let's cut the crap. It's not all rainbows and butterflies and it was more than the saggy boobs, falling bladder and stretch marks. I also lost my confidence. 

I still manage my weight by balancing my macro-nutrients. This minor change has enabled me to live a balanced life with a bangin' body. What does that mean exactly!?! I'm not a dietitian and I don't have a degree in health and fitness. All I know is that eating a low calorie diet with mostly fats and carbs may help you loose weight, but you'll feel unenergetic and have a hard time loosing "fat" and getting that body you actually want, #skinnyfat. But when macros are balanced and you're getting the right amount of protein you will hold on to muscle, burn more fat and have loads of energy. Welcome to my life! I eat the pizza and you KNOW I drink the drinks. Finding that balance has allowed me to live life to the fullest and I'm never going back!

Find what works for YOU and do yourself a favor, FOLLOW THE F#$% THROUGH! 

#tiredasamother doesn't have to be a thing. 









Lenna Hulings

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