Frozen, Filled & Fabulous

This post is for the haters. The girls that are curious & the babes that are absolutely clueless. I want to start off by clarifying that ALL of those bitches, were me at one point or another. I also want to express that I genuinely believe in my heart of hearts that we're all beautiful and that beauty is the beckon of self love. Love yourself first!

Now, let's get into it...

First up, BOTOX. Good 'ol vitamin B. You won't look crazy, you're not going to feel any different and it hurts for 1/2 a second. I swear the people that think botox is going to make you look un-natural are mistaking botched filler for botox. YES, you are going to loose some movement, but trust me when I say you’ll still be able to express yourself to the point that no one’s even going to notice, WITHOUT all the wrinkles!!!

Botox is safe to use long term, and you can stop using it at any time without your skin looking worse than it did before you started. It’s actually been approved by the FDA since 2002 people!!! Botox is considered a 'zero down time' procedure. I personally experience a small raised bump (swelling) at the injection sights and a light headache. That's seriously it!!! By the time I arrive home from my appointment I look completely normal. It typically takes 3 to 7 days to fully kick in. (I'm a 4 day girl.) Other side effects may include minor bruising. (I developed a tiny bruise once and it did take several weeks to dissipate, due to the fact you are temporarily paralyzing your muscles.)

Botox is about PREVENTION babes!!! YES, if you already have wrinkles it will relax them, but the younger you begin, the fewer wrinkles you're going to develop!!! I have wrinkly genetics and a giant forehead to boot. Basically, I could have began botox in my 20's but was CLUELESS.

So, here I am 34 and 50 units later. YOU heard me, 50 freaking units, but this forehead is smooth and I'm not mad about it!

Your botox needs (dosage & injection sights) will change as you age. Pro-tip, schedule with the same injector. They’ll get to know you, your face and your personal preferences, giving you the perfect experience each and every time. (Side note: injectors are not machines. Once in awhile, you might need to go in for a ‘touch up’. I personally am prone to peaking above my brows & often get a quick touch up.)

You'll need to repeat treatment every 3-4 months, depending how much movement you want to regain between sessions. That's basically determined by personal preference and budget. Botox is sold by the unit and that price ranges from $13 retail, to $11 if you purchase a bank of 100 units at The Waldorf Center For Plastic Surgery. The bank is definitely the way to go babes!

If you take away anything from this post PLEASE let it be that WHERE you go for injectables should be your number one priority!!! You want a medically trained, experienced professional. You want someone that is willing to tell you no and in my humble opinion you should be visiting an office that specializes in more than just injectables. Injectables have their limitations and when pushed can result in life altering side effects. The risks of injecting in certain areas do NOT outweigh the benefits and typically there's a safer option that may require something other than injectables. You WANT an office that has options. Options that avoid the risks and allow you to reap the rewards.

Did I say filled!?! Filled & fabulous!!! My most recent experience at The Waldorf Center For Plastic Surgery was adding a little volume back into my lips. I am LEGIT in full aging mode and wanted to plump up my pout again. I was FREAKED out about this procedure. Firstly because I feel like duck lips are trending and hey, you do you boo, but I'm not about the drama. Second, I was convinced it was going to hurt like hell. I'm happy to report that filler can easily and PAINLESSLY plump your pout!!! Having my lips filled didn't hurt at all!!! I repeat, botox hurts worse and that hurts for 1/2 a second. They apply a topical numbing gloss prior to the procedure & the filler contains lidocaine that numbs as it goes. It's seriously PAINLESS.


Filler & I have went FULL circle! I've talked behind it's back about how botched it can look. I went from skeptical to curious after finding The Waldorf Center For Plastic Surgery and I've fallen head over heels in love with it after I was shown just how safely, tastefully & painlessly it can be injected.

You will experience swelling for 3-5 days, possible bruising and dry, peeling lips is perfectly normal. Just because you don’t bruise one time, does not mean you won’t bruise the next. Plan accordingly. Like, when the hubby’s away on work. Ice, ice, baby! Don’t massage them and trust the process. They’ll feel hot and a little sore the first 24-48 hours. You could take an aspirin or tylenol to help with the pain, but I found ice to be enough. I SWEAR you’ll get used to some of the swelling and miss it by the time they’re all calmed down!

Dermal fillers are hyaluronic acids that have also been FDA approved for correcting facial tissue around the mouth, cheeks and lips. Rest assured, you’re not a science experiment! (Hyaluronic acid is actually a natural occurring substance in your body.) These fillers perform best when you’re hydrated!!! Yet ANOTHER reason to drink your water. Filler is sold by the syringe. 1 FULL syringe sounds intimidating, but that's only 1 tsp of actual product!!! MOST people invest in 1 full syringe. (An exception might look like super small natural lips or the patient just wants a small augmentation.) When you’re seeing super ‘over done’ lips these people have injected multiple syringes of product or built it up over time to achieve those super dramatic looks. Trust me, that doesn’t have to be you!

I highly recommend budgeting both of these procedures into your beauty routine. To give you a budget friendly idea of what that might look like plan to invest $200-300 for preventative botox every 3-4 months & $600 for lip filler every 1-2 years.

SO, maybe you've went from a hater to curious or clueless to committed!?! Your next step is to schedule a consultation!!! You NEED to physically sit down with your injector and feel the feels. Show them what you're seeing & share with them what you'd like to see. They will tell you what your best option is to achieve those goals. They'll also tell you if those goals are attainable and what they'll cost.


Injectables are simply becoming part of peoples beauty routines. Botox is leaning towards prevention while dermal fillers are plumping areas that have lost volume with age. The majority of people want a natural, youthful appearance and that’s absolutely attainable. My results are subtle and yours can be too. Don’t let the duck lips and everything ‘over done’ talk you out of something that can help you gracefully age and give you a natural, more youthful appearance.

I want to encourage you to do what’s right for you. If that’s botox or filler I’ve got your back. Tell the people you want to tell and don’t say a word to the others. It’s your body babe.



Take your own baseline photos!!! It's realistic to assume you might change offices in your lifetime & just because it's been a year since your filler, doesn't necessarily mean you need it yet!!! We adjust SO quickly to what we look like.

Botox is a brand name created by Allergan. Another common brand is Dysport, but I personally think botox is the better option. Here’s why…. Allergan is the only brand that rewards you with instant savings on Allergen aesthetic treatments and products, like Botox through their rewards program, Brilliant Distinctions.