Balancing Beauty, Babies & That Dreaded Bank Account

Sahm life in my case, came with some financial sacrifices... 

So investing in timeless wardrobe pieces I can dress up or down is crucial when it comes to saving money! I want to share this Black Sequin Sleeveless V Neck (I don't usually do v-necks, but the twins were on point in this ensemble.) Evening Gown I dressed down, for an outdoor wedding with you!

Add your favorite clutch, strappy heels, red lip & nails and you're party ready or dress this number down with a jean vest or jacket and booties to rock this beauty all year round! Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you have to forgo fabulous. It just means you need to start thinking outside of the box or in this case, the sequins! 

Don't you dare let those glamorous sequins intimidate you, mama!

I too used to be the girl that cringed at the thought of dressing up, but let me tell you something. Investing in the show stopper and then pairing it with your favorite 'water-wings' in this case, a denim vest and booties is a full proof way to gain some confidence before the big show. That and a flute or three of champagne because well, weddings!!!

Yet another reason my love for dresses has grown exponentially is because of the simplicity factor. I'm a MOM and we all know that means eating, sleeping and well, unfortunately pooping with unwelcome company. I don't have the time to try on a million and one articles of clothing (I miss those days!).

This isn't middle school and The Spice Girls are not blaring from my boombox!!!

So what happens!?! I end up wearing the three most convenient things in my my closet and convincing myself no one will notice. Here's what's even more ridiculous, while that might be true for some, I notice. So If I notice what other women are wearing, how in the world am I convincing myself otherwise!?! Maybe I should have been a lawyer...

I hope I inspired you to face any formal fashion fears you might have had and to wade out into the deep end, even if that means rockin' the water-wings! Summer is coming to an end and all of those holiday parties are right around the corner. Now's your chance to grab that show stopper and don't forget to dress it down come spring! 



Lenna Hulings

I’m an electrician turned sahm of two little boys. I’m also the creator of The Blonde Bartender. A place where I serve up the way I do life, in moderation. My hope is that you’ll find my messy motherhood truths refreshing. My stylish lifestyle inspiring and that this space is full of love, laughter, a little wine & a lot of retail therapy!