Living That Lash Extension Life


When it comes to beauty and feeling my absolute best there are a few things I swear by & these things make ALL the difference in the world!

Babes, I’m talking night & day, life-altering, worth all the pennies, brings all the boys to the yard differences.

My love for lash extensions runs deep!

If you’re already living your best life I’m currently sipping on a glass of champagne in your honor, cheers babe! If you aren’t, WHAT are you waiting for!?! (Disclaimer; Lash extensions are not for everyone and by no means make you better than anyone else.)


  • I no longer wear mascara. I don’t need to. These babies not only define my eyes, but add a feminine whimsy that simply cannot be replicated with mascara. I don’t care what brand it is, how many coats you’re applying or what it costs. There is no comparison!

  • You can choose the length, shape and thickness of the lashes!!! Just because you saw someone with lash extensions that could have been seen from the moon, doesn’t mean that has to be you, boo.

  • Lash extension are a full time accessory. You wake up in them, you shower in them, you mom-life in them. They’re something that is constantly enhancing your natural beauty. They’ve got your back babe! I mean, who wants to look good one minute, then wash your mask off and not even be recognizable!?!


  • Lash extensions require maintenance every 1-3 weeks. (I go every 2 weeks for a fill, but in a perfect world, would go once a week.)

  • They make is harder for you to apply and remove eye makeup, especially eyeliner. (Cottons & fabrics snag on the lashes at your lash line.

  • It’s natural to shed several lashes each day, but you’re going to notice it WAY more after extensions and mourn the loss of each and every one.

  • Washing your face is more difficult. You have to carefully wash your lashes. The water can’t be too hot, and you don’t want to snag them on a washcloth.)

  • Sleeping is an art-form. You either need to be on the edge of your pillow or your back. If you lay on your lashes you’re going to look wrecked come morning.

  • These babies can get CRAY! You’ll need to carry a spooli (like a mascara wand) with you to keep them in check. This happens less if your lashes aren’t super extra. (I prefer shorter lashes for this reason!) Yes, you literally need to brush them morning, noon and night.

  • Once in awhile you’ll get a lash that will poke your eye. (Just like without extensions) You could choose to swing by the salon or try and remove it yourself. Your call. It happens. Its usually noticed immediately and taken care of before you even leave your appointment.

  • I have very blonde lashes and once in awhile a lash from my bottom lash line gets stuck to the top lash line during the installation. (This has always been in the very outside corners of my eyes). It’s something I notice as soon as I open my eyes and it’s easily fixed.


  • This goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyways. You get what you pay for. Search out a lash artist that is reputable. Read reviews and look at a collection of their work.

  • Come prepared. Do not wear any eye make-up to your appointment and research lash extensions on Pinterest to get an idea of the looks you love. (There are several!!!)

  • Have your lashes filled thicker than you actually want them If you want to make it until your next appointment and avoid having massive gaps in your lash line. #notcute They’ll never look as good as the day they were filled.

  • Your eyes will be closed during the installation process and your lower lash line will be taped down so they do not get in the way while gluing your upper lash line. The glue does emit some fumes. If you open your eye before the glue is dry your eyes will sting a little & become red and irritated for a short duration. Keep ‘em closed!

The big question… Do lash extensions damage your natural lashes!?!

  • Yes, in my experience they do some. Now, just chill! By that I mean, when I have had them removed, my natural lashes seem shorter than they normally are. The real shock is just how dramatically different life is without them. I have very blonde lashes and not particularly thick ones either, so of course I look like I have no eyeballs without them. It’s just like removing your makeup. Not rocket science, amiright!?!

     Lash extensions take some getting used to, but once you do, you won’t want to live life without them. They will quickly become your favorite accessory. TRUST ME. #obsessed


Lenna Hulings

I’m an electrician turned sahm of two little boys. I’m also the creator of The Blonde Bartender. A place where I serve up the way I do life, in moderation. My hope is that you’ll find my messy motherhood truths refreshing. My stylish lifestyle inspiring and that this space is full of love, laughter, a little wine & a lot of retail therapy!