Transition Pieces Please

Transition pieces in any wardrobe are always nice, but as an Oregon girl its an absolute must! It's typically still snowing when the new spring line hit's the shelves and if you're anything like me it's hard to resist all those gorgeous florals, strappy sandals and light denim washes. 

That's why transition pieces are so key in welcoming the newest trends, while still surviving that winter weather. Some of my favorite transitions include pairing chunky sweaters with short, shorts. Breaking out the peep toes vs. all the straps and layering outerwear over short and/or sleeveless tops. 

It's okay to layer. Throwing a t-shirt or bodysuit under a strappy jean dress just adds a layer of interest and extends the wear of the piece and your outwear can drape below your bottom hem line. So don't you dare hold back all the mixing and matching! Have some fun with it, you'll be surprised how many outfits you can pull together when you start thinking outside of the box.



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Lenna Hulings

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